Larger Picture Hats

This gallery shows designs that are of the more traditional style of full-scale picture hats.  These are just a few suggestions of where we can start when designing a hat especially for you, because each piece is unique and made especially for you.

  • Perfect for a real statement at a glorious summer wedding
  • Ideal for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot
  • The classic look for the Mother of the Bride

Please look at our Shade Card to see the wide range of colours that these hats can be made in for you.

Several of these hats have had matching accessories made to go with them and/or removable elements that can be worn separately as a fascinator - further information about these designs are  availabe on the the Hat Converting to Fascinator and Matching Accessories pages.

Please click on the thumbnails to see further details about each design and click here for our pricing information.

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