Spitfire Sisters


The Spitfire Sisters are a close harmony vocal group who perform at a wide variety of venues for private parties and public celebrations.  Their repretoire includes forties classics as well as contemporary music they have written and recorded themsleves.  

I have made many hats for them over the years and this is a trio of little perching hats that they often wear for thier regular booking on the Belmond British Pulman.  This luxury train serves lunch and tea to the guests as it travels around the countryside and the girls move along the train from carriage to carriage, entertaining as they go.  This photograph was from a special day when Mary Berry was also on the train as the special guest speaker, and the girls sang a specially written song for her ‘Afternoon Tea’.

Spitfire Sisters Concert TRW postcard

This is a montage of images from the recent performances that The Spitfire Sisters gave at The Theatre Royal in Winchester, featuring two trios of hats that I have made for them, one set called ‘Cocktail Cocktail Hats’ the other 'Tutti Fruity Turbans’.

Also included here are paintings of the performances by Lucy McLoughlin - Live Event Artist, who drew them during as the concert was in full swing!  

DSC 5744-Edit

This was the cover shot taken for their recent album ‘Put Your Phone Away’ (avaialable on iTunes), featuring three silver leather whimsies I designed for them.

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