Basket Weave

Basket Weave

Basket Weave sinamay is particularly effective when used as a brim for a large hat - especially when light levels might be lower at certain times of year, allowing as much light as possible to show on your face for the photographs.

It can add physical texture to a design and also be used to frame a solid colour in the middle layer of the sinamay, to increase the visual contrast of shades - for example Black Basket Weave sinamay as the top and bottom layer of a brim, with a solid Red as the middle layer peeping through the more open windows of the Black.

I can use this type sinamay to make any hat from the Bespoke range for you as a starting point. This version of  sinamay is available in Black, Natural and Ivory for a small additional fee.

Apple Green

Basket Weave sinamay shown here being used as a brim in Black to allow as much light through to the face for the photographs as possible.

Christine Duet

This sinamay is also useful to reduce weight and wind resistance for a particularly large hat.

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